Deposed Jack Ma, Asia's richest man restores throne


Banglahunt Desk: The fear of financial crisis is intensifying around the world due to the corona. And because of this financial crisis, in one day, the total wealth of Mukesh was reduced to ৮ 5.6 billion. That puts Mukesh ৬ 2.7 billion behind Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma in terms of total assets. This time Mukesh is at the top once again. Facebook has already invested 10 percent in Geo. The market value of Mukesh Ambani's company was around ৬ 57-60 billion. As such, his 5 percent stake is valued at $ 5 billion to $ 5 billion. As a result, once again the captain of the richest geo in Asia.

Reliance's share price has plummeted due to the oil price and the tax virus. Despite the financial loss due to these two reasons, Jack Ma made up for most of that loss in the booming business of cloud computing and mobile apps around the world. That's why Jack Ma, who lost the title of Asia's richest man in 2016, has once again risen to the top. This time, Facebook's investment once again put Ambani at the top of the rich list.

Facebook has already invested Rs 44,000 crore in jio. This knot is expected to revolutionize the e-commerce business. Ambani wants to capture the market of Amazon Flipkart through Geo Mart with WhatsApp.

Mukesh Ambani has decided to link Geomart with WhatsApp to connect small businesses in India with technology. The new e-commerce model will be developed by Geomart and WhatsApp to bring small and medium shops, grocers, stationery shops, hawkers and small traders under one umbrella. From where you can order daily necessities from local shops or markets. Prices can be met through WhatsApp. And Geomart will deliver that order to the door of the house.