Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the most controversial statement about Muslims! Forgiveness later misunderstood


Bangla Hunt Desk: Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, K Narayana Swamy, gave a controversial statement about the Muslims. He referred to the Tablighi Jamaat and said that Muslims are not clean. At the same time, he accused the members of the church, saying that they were spreading coronary infections throughout the country. Narayan Swami alleged that Jamaat was not cooperating with doctors, and that this is why the Corona virus infection is increasing in the state.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, he said, “The members of the Jamaat-e-Islami party did not clean their plates at the ceremony in Delhi. Those whose reports came out positive do not cooperate with doctors. Spoon and plate bite while they are eating, and from this the corona is spreading. I watched their video. They are all doing strange things. The report is revolving around the positive. If they had not participated in the mercury in Delhi, this would not have been the case in the country today. ”

The husband said that if the Jamaat did not spread in Andhra Pradesh, there would be no more than 20-20 victims. He said, 'I am not against Muslims. They can practice their religion. But they do very dirty things, nothing to clean while eating. Coronavirus has been able to make such an impact in India today because of their nature. “

However, after that, Narayan Swami apologized for his controversial statement. He tweeted, “If anyone's mind hurts because of this age, I apologize.” Let me tell you, a week ago in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy appealed to everyone not to give the virus any religion.

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