Derek said sarcastically that Amit Shah was ill, but the BJP is running for political assassination even though he died of the disease!

BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool National Spokesperson Derek O'Brien has countered Home Minister Amit Shah's allegations about law and order in Bengal. Amit Shah made a comment in favor of the BJP's decision on the demand for presidential rule in Bengal.

Amit Shah said, ‘There is no rule of law in Bengal. Filling in the intrusion. The situation is becoming extremely worrying. Only bomb-making factories are sprouting in the districts of Bengal. Is there any other place like Bengali? Once upon a time there were some problems, but now it is under control. Opposition activists are also being killed here. Therefore, the BJP leaders' demand for presidential rule is not unreasonable.

Trinamool national spokesman Derek O'Brien responded to Home Minister Amit Shah's remarks. He tweeted, “Amit Shah's body is not healthy yet. I wish him well. He wants to increase the number of political deaths. Finding out another meaning of political murder. Now the BJP wants to portray TB and cancer deaths as political killings.

He added, “He has to read the history of Bengal in the CPM era now. Trinamool is always responsible for maintaining peace and harmony. He needs to look at Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, not Bengal.