Desperate to regain the lost place, Ranima retains the best place. Courtesy-Gungun's 'Kharakuto'


Banglahant Desk: For two weeks in a row, Star Jalsa's popular serial 'Kharakuto' has topped the list of most TRPs. After a long time, LG Bangla's most popular serial 'Karunamayi Rani Rasmoni' came up in the second place again. On the other hand, TRP has suddenly come down to the fourth position.

The wedding house season has been going on in Kharakuto for quite some time. The serial has been rising to the top of the TRP list with the marriage of Soujanadhya and Gungun to Brahmastra. Last week too, Kharakuto was the first with a rating of 11.6, which is a really good rating. Gungun alias Trina Saha also thanked the viewers on social media for such a good rating. This serial has got 11.3 rating this week.

After many days, the compassionate queen Rasmoni came up in the second place again. The rating of the serial is 11. The serial was in third place with a rating of 10.6 last week. On the other hand, Mohar, who was in second place last week, is now in fourth place. The serial got a rating of 10.6.

Krishnakoli and Jamuna Dhaki have also got good ratings this week. Rating 10.9 and 9.5 respectively. Krishnakali is in the third place and Jamuna Dhaki is in the fifth place. Mrs. Jalsa is in the sixth place with 9.2 rating. Aparajita Apu has entered the list of highest TRP just a few days ago.

Star Jalsa has one more serial in the list of best TRP. ‘Khelaghor’ has just started. After many days, Syed Arefin has been seen as the protagonist of the serial. Last week the serial was in eighth place. The serial is in ninth place this week. However, the TRP rating has increased to 7.9.

The clash between Bengali television series is eternal. There is a conflict over who will be ahead of whom in terms of TRP. Viewers are also eager to know which channel is ahead of others in terms of TRP. The names of the best series are published in the TRP rating every week.