Despite being a bowler, these four cricketers scored double centuries in Test cricket.


Although there are three formats in cricket, the real test of cricketers is in test cricket, test cricket only shows how much talent there is in a cricketer. This test is not only sustained in cricket, it has to protect its own team. It has been sometimes that the whole responsibility of the team has come at the tail end, that is, the responsibility of the match on the bowlers. And in such a situation, a number of bowlers have played great innings. Let's take a look at all those bowlers who have scored double centuries in Test cricket.

1) Ben Stokes: –
The England all-rounder has now become one of the best all-rounders in the world. Several good innings came from this all-rounder's bat. Ben Stokes played a devastating innings in 2016 against South Africa. He played only 198 balls in that match and scored 258 runs. The innings was arranged with 30 fours and 11 sixes.

2) Jason Holder: –
Jason Holder, a talented all-rounder for the West Indies, the former West Indies captain played a great innings against England in 2019. In that match, he played 202 runs at 229 for one. Holder's innings was arranged with eight sixes and 23 fours.

3) Jason Gillespie: –
At one time, Gillespie was one of the best bowlers in the Australian cricket team. He scored a double century in a Test match against Bangladesh in 2006. In that Test match, he played an important unbeaten innings of 202 off 425 balls. His innings was 26 with four fours and two sixes.

4) Wasim Akram: –
He was one of the best fast bowlers in the world. He scored a double century in a Test match against Zimbabwe in 1996.

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