Despite being criticized in the crisis, India will export vaccines to neighboring countries

Banglahunt Desk: The second wave of corona vaccine (corona vaccine) has also created a crisis. Why was the vaccine exported abroad without adequate vaccine supply for the countrymen? Despite facing multiple such questions, Delhi voted in favor of exporting vaccines abroad.

In addition to India, neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives are now experiencing coronary heart disease. There is also a need for vaccination due to high levels of infection. Despite the imposition of curfew in Male, about 80 per cent of the people in the Maldives are angry with Corona. On the other hand, in the midst of political adversity in Nepal, Corona’s growing weakness has weakened the health infrastructure.

India feels its main duty is to stand by its neighbor in this crisis situation. To maintain its dominance in the subcontinent, Delhi sees the export of vaccines as a diplomatically correct move. It has been reported that a small amount of vaccines will be exported, though not in large quantities, despite thousands of criticisms.

After handling the situation of the first phase of corona in India, the central government is also coming up with the vaccine discovered abroad. India has already sent vaccines to a number of countries abroad, whether as gifts or in exchange for money. After the second wave of Corona hit India, those countries came forward with a crisis of various medical equipments. From neighboring countries to friendly countries, many countries of the outside world stood by India’s side on the day of danger. Judging from that, India is now ready to stand by the neighboring country even in the day of danger.