Despite falling behind at first, Nitish went ahead in the second round, leaving Tejaswi behind

BanglaHunt Desk: The number of Bihar election counts is changing from moment to moment. In the first round (NDA National Democratic Alliance), Tejaswi was leading in 92 seats and 124 seats. Tejaswi Yadav went ahead on the basis of majority.

In the first round, the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) was overtaken, but in the second round, the NDA was overtaken by the Grand Alliance. The NDA is leading in 122 seats. The grand alliance is ahead in 114 seats. RJD is leading in 65 seats. The Congress has 21 seats and the Left has 13 seats.

In the second round, Nitish Kumar advanced with a come back performance, while Tejaswi Yadav fell behind. The dice of results can be rolled again at any moment. But just wait a while, then the election results will be known.