Despite winning the match, Virat Kohli got involved in the debate and got involved with the umpire


Bangla Hunt Desk: Virat Kohli showed how to bat on the broken pitch at the Chipke Stadium in Chennai where the England batsmen are going to play. He explained that batting can be done if you have the mentality and talent to fight. India captain Virat Kohli led India to a Test victory with a great innings of 62 off 149 balls.

But in the meantime, India captain Virat Kohli got involved in the controversy once again. Virat Kohli ran to a dangerous place on the pitch to take a run during the game. Field umpire Nitin Menon did not take Kohli’s case well at all. He warns Kohli, and this is where the argument between the two begins.

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The incident started in the over just before the lunch break on the third day. In that over, Virat Kohli tried to take three runs by playing towards the ball of stump of England’s Dan Lawrence. Virat Kohli started running through the dangerous place of the pitch while taking the third run. At that time, umpire Nitin Menon approached Kohli and warned him about this. Kohli could not accept the umpire’s words at all. Kohli got into a light argument with the umpire and he also spoke to England captain Joe Root in this regard. However, the attitude of the umpire did not have any effect on Kohli’s batting.