Despite winning the series against England, Virat Kohli fell into deep thought


Bangla Hunt Desk: The prevalence of corona virus around the world has not decreased yet. In the meantime, the ICC, the highest governing body of world cricket, has been playing cricket continuously. The ICC has created a bio-safety zone to make the sport completely safe. And India captain Virat Kohli cannot accept this bio-safety zone.

During his last tour of Australia, Virat Kohli raised the question of biosecurity once again after the series against England.

The IPL is about to start after the end of the ODI series against England. Since the corona outbreak has not yet subsided, the only hope to protect cricket from this deadly virus is biosecurity. That’s why cricketers have to be in the biosecurity zone throughout the IPL.

“Only one series is over,” said Virat Kohli shortly after the one-day series against England. Then the IPL is starting. Even there, cricketers have to be in the biological safety zone. Then there is the final of the World Test Championship, then the five-match Test series against England. There must be in the ring. It is very difficult to be in the ring for so many days together. Because it is mentally stressful. But we have to adapt to this situation and there is no other way. I want this situation to change very soon.