Dhapas while sitting! Raj shared a sweet video of son Yuvan


BanglaHunt Desk: Shubhshree Ganguly became a mother in September last year. Raj (raj chakraborty) is a new member of Shubhshree’s family. The jewel in their eyes, the little prince Yuvan. In the meantime, it has become Yuvan’s ‘half birthday’ for six months. And Raj and Shubhshree are enjoying every moment of the boy’s gradual growth.

A few days ago, Shubhshree shared a video of his son crawling. Yuvan has learned to crawl on his own. He was seen crawling towards his mother. Evan was once seen playing with toys. Shubhshree shared these sweet moments on camera.

Yuvan has even learned to stand on his own two feet. He was seen standing on his own two feet, leaning on the things around him. Raj expressed surprise by sharing this video of the boy. In fact, Shubhshree sent him this video. Shubhshree has taken this step so that the special moments of the boy are not missed in the gap of the election campaign.

Raj has shared a new video of his son again. The video shows Yuvan sitting on the sofa. Shubhshree is calling the boy by name from behind the camera. On the other hand, Yuvan looked at the camera in surprise. While sitting, Yuvan suddenly leaned to one side.

Raj shared this sweet video and wrote that he misses Yuvan very much. In fact, he is missing out on a few moments of growing up as he is busy with the election campaign. Recently, Raj has also missed the marriage of Shubhshree’s sister, i.e. his elder sister Debashree. Shubhshree has to handle everything. So the director is trying to keep a good mind by watching these videos sent by his wife.