Dhinchok Puja's new song is coming out of the ears of Dhuyo, surrounded by a flood of Mim

Bangla Hunt Desk: Viral Video- The video of Dhinchak Puja taking the social media by storm with the song “Selfie Mayne Le Lee Aaj” has gone viral again. Puja has also made a name for itself on YouTube. This time another song of Puja has come to the fore. And trawlers have traditionally started trolling Puja.

Dhinchak puja song is a new tool in the hands of trawlers. Although no one would have known Dhinchak Puja if the trawlers had not trolled him. Whether you listen to Dhinchak Puja's new song or not, it is almost confirmed that your head will get worse.

Dhinchak Puja's new song 'Rose-Rose Kam' has become a hot topic on social media these days. Dhinchak Puja shows the work done by people from morning till night through this video. However, it is not necessary to say again that no one liked this song. Many people have suggested listening to this song with their own rickshaw. Some people have said that you should get insurance before listening to music.

Watch the video.