Dhoni can continue the IPL game for another two years.


Dhoni is hard to come by in the national team at the moment, the future of cricket in the national team jersey is uncertain, but Dhoni can play for years in the IPL. Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman feels that Dhoni can play effortlessly in the Chennai Super Kings' jersey in the IPL even if he does not play in the national team jersey.

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken the field for the last time in the national team's jersey against New Zealand in the semifinals of the World Cup. Since then he has been away from cricket for a long time, in which case the questions have begun to arise in the cricket field of Indian cricket. In this context, VVS Luxon has stated that age is just a number for Dhoni, Dhoni may not be physically fit, but Dhoni has the ability to captain any team. Drawing on the context, Laxon said that Dhoni is still as capable as captain of Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

Dhoni's cricket future would have been decided in the IPL if it was IPL. But at the moment the situation in the country is very unlikely to be IPL. That is why VVS Laxman has said that even if it is not an IPL this time, Dhoni can easily play IPL for another two years.

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