Dhoni cried while talking, what happened in that IPL?


Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is generally known to Indian cricket fans as a quiet man. Dhoni has never been seen to lose his temper or to be more emotional. However, Dhoni was seen shedding tears in the IPL which surprised Indian cricket fans.

Even after winning the World Cup, Dhoni was not seen to be emotional, even after winning the World Cup, Dhoni was virtually indifferent. And that Dhoni cried once in IPL. But what happened that made even cold-brained people like Dhoni cry?

In 2016, the BCCI deported Chennai Super Kings for two years for spot-fixing. Chennai Super Kings made a comeback in IPL in 2018 after two years. And in an interview that year, Dhoni’s eyes lit up as he spoke. Dhoni was so emotionally involved with the Chennai Super Kings that he could no longer control himself.

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“I played for Pune again after being banned for two years,” Dhoni said. When I went to toss again, I suddenly remembered that I was not wearing a yellow jersey. Which hurt me a lot. I have captained the Indian national team for a long time, leading Jharkhand in several matches. I led the Chennai Super Kings for eight years but when I played for Pune again and again I kept thinking of the Chennai Super Kings. But I am a professional cricketer, playing for Pune or Chennai or any other franchise team always trying to give 100% of myself.