Dhoni in the guise of a monk, Dhoni’s fans are terrified


Bangla Hunt Desk: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always loved to surprise. Whether it’s team selection or his retirement from cricket, he has kept everything in check. To everyone’s surprise, Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from international cricket on August 15 last year. Occasionally, Dhoni is seen in a brand new form. The new look has repeatedly surprised his fans. However, this time Dhoni has appeared in a brand new form, which has shocked many. Because no one was ready to see Dhoni like this.

Popular sports channel “Star Sports” tweeted and posted a picture of Dhoni. Dhoni’s fans are practically surprised to see the form in which Dhoni is seen there. It is seen that he is completely bald, wearing a lot of monks. Seeing Dhoni in such a form, his fans have started asking why Dhoni suddenly appeared in such a form? So is Dhoni leaving cricket and walking on the path of sannyas?

According to special sources, Dhoni has made such a statement for any upcoming advertisement. But what is the advertisement? Which product? Or his franchise Chennai Super Kings in IPL? No clear news has been received about that yet. When Dhoni’s relatives were asked about this, he did not get any good answer. Dhoni’s close ones have locked their mouths on this issue. However, Dhoni’s fans have expressed a lot of interest to know why Dhoni is so suddenly.