Dhoni is shy, but Dhoni came out of the shell in the 2006 Sydney Test, Harbhajan Singh.


Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh, who has played for the Indian cricket team for a long time, is now playing for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. And that is why he has been watching Mahendra Singh Dhoni very closely for many years. This time Harbhajan Singh shared what former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni looked like as a friend. How was he when he first came to the Indian team? And what has changed in his nature since he later became the captain of the Indian national team, Harbhajan Singh said today.

Harbhajan Singh said that when Mahendra Singh Dhoni first came to the Indian team, he was very shy. Never talked to anyone before, Dhoni always loved to be alone outside of cricket. Never knocked on anyone's door. Even after becoming the captain, Dhoni's nature did not change much, at least for the first year, everyone has seen that shy Dhoni.

Harbhajan Singh said, “I saw Dhoni for the first time in the 2008 Australia Sydney Test. Harbhajan Singh said the controversial Sydney Test in 2008 had an impact on Indian cricket. At that time, Dhoni came out of the first shell and expressed his opinion for the first time. Since then, Indian cricket has seen a change in Dhoni's nature.