DIAT lab builds antiseptic microwave, any object will be disinfected in no time


Mumbai and Delhi are now in the worst condition in the corona situation. The number of corona cases is increasing day by day here. And the center of concern. And this time the country's defense ministry has come forward to help corona. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Pune has developed a disinfectant device.

This device can sterilize in less time. Even in terms of cost, this disinfectant device is good and relatively inexpensive. Earlier, ISRO had come forward to deal with Corona. They make PPT kits along with all the tools.

3D-printing has also created special surgical masks to prevent any infection among doctors or emergency department staff. Weighing three kilograms, this device is similar to our home microwave. This microwave will provide complete security and is also easy to use. And it has been named “incomparable”. It is known that if you keep it between 56 degrees to 60 degrees, anything will be disinfected very quickly. However, non-metallic objects should be kept in the microwave.

Along with this, a sanitation box with ultraviolet C light is being made. And this new thing is being developed by the Defense Institute of Physiology (DIPAS) and the Institute of Nuclear Medicine (INMAS). The strong ultraviolet rays of the EV-C box can destroy the proteins of the SARS-COV-2 virus. And it has been reported that there will be no problem with this device. It has also been reported to be safe.