Did the Indian team mediate the matches against England and Australia? The ICC took a tough decision after the investigation


Bangla Hunt Desk: A channel called Al Jazeera claimed that there was an average in two Test matches in India. They claimed that even though no one from the Indian cricket team was involved in the match-fixing, those two Test matches in India were averaged. They wanted to prove the match by making a documentary but the ICC rejected their claim outright. The highest governing body of world cricket has said that it is never possible to average matches in this way. The demands of the documentary makers are unreasonable.

Hasan Raja, a Pakistani cricketer, Tharanga Indica, a Sri Lankan cricketer, and Tharindu Mendis, among others, spoke in the documentary titled “Cricket’s Match Fixer’s”. Their claims were matched by the Chennai Test against England in 2016 and the Ranchi Test against Australia in 2017. The whole incident happened from outside.

Alex Marshall, head of the ICC’s anti-corruption wing, said: “The way the documentary portrays corruption is not possible at all. Complaints have been made based on the imagination of only a few people. An ICC team has carried out a full investigation, but no evidence has been found. The claim of that channel was completely blown away. No one will be taken to task in this case. ”