Didi handed over a wreath to her grandfather’s house to wish him a happy birthday


Bangla Hunt Desk: Today is Sourav Ganguly’s 49th birthday. Naturally, this Bengali legend has been greeted by the works of various quarters since morning. Many Dada supporters even from Katwa, Navadwip etc. appeared in front of his house. However, unlike other times, Dada did not exchange greetings with the supporters this year. Everything was ‘closed door’ because of Corona. But this time Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reached ‘Maa Chandi Bhavan’ in Behala to greet him directly at home.

On that day, he handed over a yellow wreath and sweets to Sourav. There was a lot of speculation about Sourav Ganguly joining the BJP before the Ekushey elections. Even though the BJP leaders want it, Saurabh has kept his distance from politics as always. Although he is a companion of various speculations, he has blown up the political speculations with a straight bat like ‘Bapi Bari Ya’. According to many in the political arena, the way the Chief Minister went home today and greeted him was a secret thank you.

Although Saurabh’s relationship with the political circles is always sweet. The state government also tried to stand by him during the Pink Test in Eden. BJP, Trinamool, CPM differences were erased during his illness. Just as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee searched, so did Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the phone. CPM leader Ashok Bhattacharya also met him again. Although at that time many people were weaving a net of speculation. But Saurabh has made it very clear that it is only speculation.

He has more or less indicated that he wants to stay with cricket. It is heard that on this day Mamata also asked Sourav how the state government could use him for Bengal. However, nothing came out of this 45-minute meeting. However, everyone’s guess is that the quality of timing is Saurabh’s eternal companion. And with that timing, the grandfather of Bengal will maintain a sweet relationship with everyone again. All in all, let the coming days of the BCCI president be better. This is the message for everyone now.