Didi wanted to leave with Didi, Didi Shweta shared the picture of the last conversation with Sushant


BANGLAHUNT DESK: June 14 seems to have been marked as a black day for Bollywood and the country as a whole. It was reported at noon that Sushant Singh Rajput had committed suicide. Many did not believe the news at first. Then the brawl started in Netdunia. After Sushant's death, the screen shifted from the dark side of Bollywood.
Didi Shweta Singh Kriti (sweta singh) shared the picture of the last conversation with her darling brother Sushant. kriti). Shweta shared a picture of Sushant's childhood and last conversation with her on her Facebook handle. Sushant spoke to her sister for the last time on June 10. He ended his life four days later.

Sushant wanted to go to the United States with her sister. He told that to his sister for the last time. Shweta also told him to leave. The two will spend some time together. But that did not happen. Before that, Sushant left forever. Besides the photo, Shweta has also reminisced about her childhood memories. Dear brother Sushant was born, the two of them started school together and after leaving Shweta's marriage in 2007, they left Sushant and migrated to the United States. Seeing Shweta's writing, everyone's mind has become burdened once again.

Incidentally, director Mahesh Bhatt was recently questioned in the Sushant case. Mahesh appeared at the Santacruz police station in Mumbai on Monday. The director was interrogated for two and a half hours from 11:30 am to 2 am. Mahesh Bhatt reached Santacruz police station around 11:30 am. After recording the statement, he left the police station at around 2 am and drove straight to his car. It is learned that Mahesh Bhat was interrogated in front of the investigating officer and deputy commissioner of police in Sushant's case. However, the content of the interrogation is not yet known.