Dimpy will enter ‘Shah family’ with wrong intentions, Anuj will become a hindrance in Anupama’s flight?


Anupamaa: अपने ही घर की दहलीज पर लड़खड़ाए अनुपमा के कदम, माया के मायाजाल में फंसी!

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Anupamaa Spoiler: Serial Anupama The atmosphere of Samar and Dimpy’s wedding is going on. The marriage has taken place and on the request of Anupana, Guru Maa has also reached the wedding. Seeing the closeness of Anuj and Anupama, Guru Maa is afraid that Anupama might change her decision. On one hand, Guru Maa has chosen Anupama as the successor of her Gurukul. But at the same time, she is also afraid that Anuj may become an obstacle in the way of her goal.

However, Anupama explains to her guru maa and says that this will not happen. On the other hand, Dimpy has been bid farewell and now her house warming is taking place in the Shah family. During Griha Pravesh, Dimpy does not have the right intentions for the Shah family. At the same time, Baa is also understanding Dimpy’s intentions and she has also decided that she too will continue to teach Dimpy a lesson. There are arguments between the two on a daily basis.

Barkha has also instigated Dimpy against the entire Shah family. So that he does not go to his in-laws house and try to maintain good relations with anyone. However, Dimpy has forgotten all the favors done by Anupama and she is coming to the Shah house with the aim of making the entire house dance on her fingers. On the other hand, Maya is now waiting for Anupama to go to America.

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Maya feels that with Anupama’s departure, Anuj will become lonely and with time he will also become her. That’s why Maya has become calm at the moment. Apart from this, now Vanraj Shah himself will tell his family that Kavya is going to be a mother. Worried for Kavya, Vanraj asks her to stay. On the other hand, on Baa’s asking, Vanraj will reveal in front of everyone. Now how the family members will react to the news of Vanraj becoming a father again, it will be known later.

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