‘Dinner’ in Bollywood means casting couch, Charlene shared her horrible experience


BanglaHunt Desk: The world of acting means the world of glamor. Almost everyone has this idea. But many may not know that there is a hard reality behind this glamor. As the saying goes, the darkest thing is under the salt of the lamp. The same applies to the world of acting. We are not saying that, the people of that world are saying that. Many times the stars have been seen to be vocal against the casting couch. Among them are actors, actresses, singers, singers. Whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood casting couch is everywhere. Some have acknowledged its existence through their own experience. Again some have avoided.

Actress Charlene Chopra has also fallen victim to the casting couch. He has been seen to open his mouth about this before. He recently leaked more explosive information. Charlene said some of the code words used by director producers in Bollywood are used to mean casting couch. One of them is 'Dinner'.
Charlene was in the dark about this for a long time. In his words, “Early in his career When When no one knew me, I would go to the directors to get job opportunities. They would look at my portfolio and invite me to their house for dinner at 11-12 o'clock at night. I would also leave without understanding anything then. In fact, it means 'compromise'. “

Charlene added that the same thing happened four or five times and the real thing was revealed to her. That's when he came up with a plan. From then on, whenever a director called for dinner, the actress would say that she does not eat for diet. So call him for breakfast or lunch. Charlene also said that no one dared to approach her after that.

Incidentally, Helen Charlene Chopra is one of the internet sensations in Bollywood at the moment. This actress and model is quite popular on social media. Especially for short dresses or bold photoshoots. Charlene has also acted in several films like Jawani Diwani, Dil Bole Harippa.