Diplomat Venu Rajamani made a big comment! He said that when Pranab Da became the Prime Minister of India in 12, the country.


Bangla Hunt Desk: On August 31, India lost one of its great leaders, Pranab Mukherjee. The shadow of mourning has descended on the entire country after the death of this veteran leader. From the Prime Minister, Home Minister, President to various people of the country have sent condolences.

Statement by the Ambassador of India to the Netherlands

On the demise of this great man, Venu Rajamony, India's Ambassador to the Netherlands, said that during Pranab Mukherjee's presidency, he was the Press Secretary in the President's House for five years. He was not only the main power for the Congress during the UPA, he was also the solver of all problems.

Main responsibility

Venu Rajamani said that with Pranab Mukherjee as President, he felt that his main responsibility was to protect the Constitution. One of his most important reforms was to open the Rashtrapati Bhavan to the public and treat it as a democratic institution. In that session, he firmly believed that the Rashtrapati Bhavan belonged to the nation. Therefore, ordinary Indian citizens need to participate more in the activities here.

First and last love –

“Pranab Mukherjee's knowledge and experience in politics, economics and foreign affairs was appreciated by all,” he said over HT phone from the Netherlands. His first and last love was Parliament. He used to watch the discussion of the parliament on TV and say, ‘What happened when I was not in the parliament. I think I took part in this discussion from there. '

The politics of the country would change –

Pranab Mukherjee used to remember the date of any incident, he added. Although he wrote a lot of diaries, he never liked to read them in broad daylight. Venu Rajamani added, “If Pranabda had been the Prime Minister of India in 2012 and Manmohan Singh had been the President, India's politics would have changed a lot since 2014.” Pranabdar's life has been an inspiration to many.

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