Discussion of public intercourse with women, youtuber arrested for viral video

viral video: Everyone wants to create a different kind of content on social media YouTube. Many people become popular because of the viral content. Again, many people are in danger of creating obscene or other content. This time a YouTuber was arrested for discussing public intercourse with women.

The Tamil YouTube channel Chennai Talks has more than 200 videos, most of them in Vox-Pop format. The conductor interviewed different people on different topics and these interviews were performed together. According to the report, the videos contained content on sex, alcohol and relationships, regardless of gender.

Shastri Nagar police claimed that they went to Basant Nagar beach where most of the videos were shot on the basis of a tipoff and interrogated the men as they had a camera and a microphone. Police say they have arrested the channel's owner Dinesh, 31; Wet came king (23); And cameraman Ajay Babu (24), based on people's complaints. The charges against them are for public obscenity and sexual harassment.

However, the woman in the viral video, who was recently removed from the channel, said that she had complained against the channel. It is only then that this arrest appears to have taken place. In the video, the woman talks lightly about sex, alcoholism, lockdown, corona, etc. Due to which he has to listen to many obscene comments. The woman said she could have avoided the reaction if the channel had stopped commenting – which they promised they would do, but did not do. The woman further said that she was paid Rs 1,500 for the shoot.