Dislike storm in the teaser! Alia, after Jahnavi, this time Ananadhya's 'Khali Pili' fell face down


Banglahant Desk: Netizens continue to be angry with the children of Bollywood stars. After Alia Bhatt, Jahnavi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey fell into the fire of anger. Ananda Pandey and Ishaan Khattar starrer 'Khaali Peeli' teaser.

The trailer has not been released yet. The teaser of the film has just come out. That is why Ananya Ishan is not finding a way to escape. The teaser of their next film Khali Pili has already come under the wrath of the netizens.

So far, the number of likes in the teaser is 1 lakh 13 thousand. On the other hand, Dislike has crossed the 13 lakh mark. After Road 2, Gunjan Saxena, this time Khali Pili is going to set a record of dislike. Film critics say this is the case in the teaser. Then what is going to happen when the trailer or picture is released!

Ishan has left that 'Chocolate Boy' image of Dharak in the movie Khali Pili. He will be seen in the role of a taxi driver in this film. You almost killed one person and escaped. On the other hand, he committed robbery. The story of the film is about how they will escape from the hands of the police, whether they will get it at all or not.

Comedy, action, romance have all been touched in the teaser of 1 minute and 20 seconds. Maqbool Khan is in charge of directing the film. Himanshu Kisan Mehra, Ali Abbas Zafar and G Studios are in charge of production.

Incidentally, due to Sushant's case, netizens have come under fire. Road 2 has recorded dislikes in the trailer on YouTube. New rumors have even been heard. It is learned that Alia has been dropped from Bahubali director SS Rajamouli's upcoming film 'RRR'.

Such rumors are being heard in Balipara recently. Priyanka Chopra has been taken in that role instead of Alia. Many are saying that the producers may have removed Alia from the film considering the current situation after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

But on the other hand, the fans of the actress claim, all these are rumors. False rumors are being spread against Ali. Currently, more than one photo shoot has not started in Corona. In addition, Rajamouli himself is not affected. There is no guarantee that the shooting will start at all in such a situation.