Divorced his first wife after falling in love with this actress, Kumar Shanur has not been in a relationship with his son Jan for 26 years!

Popular singer Kumar Shanu has ruled Bollywood in the nineties. His real name was Kedarnath Bhattacharya. But he came to Sinejagat and changed that name. Kumar Shanur also set a world record of recording 28 songs in one day. However, the singer's personal life as well as his career is similarly eventful.

It is learned that Kumar Shanu had a deep love affair with Meenakshi Seshadri, a superhit actress of the eighties and nineties. Meenakshi made her Bollywood debut in 1983. He also made a name for himself in the industry. Meenakshi's name was pronounced together with Kumar Shanu at that time.

The two talk from a picture of Mahesh Bhatt. Meenakshi starred in Kumar Shanu's song 'Job Koi Baat Bigar Jaaye'. It is even heard that Kumar Shanu got divorced from his first wife Rita Bhattacharya after falling in love with Meenakshi.

In fact, Shanu's wife Rita Bhattacharya found out about their love. He also blamed Meenakshi for his separation. However, the actress did not comment on this. However, his love with the singer did not last long. Suddenly Meenakshi left Bollywood. He also got married in 1997

After that, Kumar Shanu got married to Saloni Bhattacharya. They also have two daughters, Shannon and Anna. However, the singer's first wife Rita claims that before Meenakshi, Kumar Shanu had an affair with another actress named Kunika Lal. He had more than one lover. But now Kumar Shanu is happy in his married life.