Do not enter the kitchen, you know just a spice! Jahnavi said what happened during the shooting of the film


Bangla hunt desk: ‘Gunjan Saxena: Dadhya Kargil Girl’ starring Jahnavi Kapoor is going to be released this week. Earlier, the trailer of the movie was released. This time it was known some unknown facts during the shooting of the film which Jahnavi himself told. The actress said in her own words what happened to her when she went to shoot a scene in the kitchen.
Recently, Jahnavi gave an interview to Gunjan Saxena with a news medium. Director Sharan Sharma nominated him for the film after seeing his performance in his debut film 'Dharak'. This is also his first film as a director. In Sharan's words, “I read the story of Gunjan Saxena. I also wanted to make a picture about this. He allowed me to take pictures to talk to Karan Johar. But at that time I did not understand who would be the actress in the film. Then I saw the beating and then I realized I got the buzz of my picture. ”

Jahnavi admits that he had to work hard to adapt to the character of Gunjan Saxena. He commented that this character is quite difficult. Jahnavi said that he had talked to his father Bonnie Kapoor about the film. Bonnie is also quite fond of the character. However, according to the actress, even if her father forbade her, she would do this film because many women will be inspired through it.

In the film, there is a scene with Jahnavi's onscreen father Pankaj Tripathi where he has to recognize spices in the kitchen. Did you have any trouble doing this scene? The actress replied, “I don't know much about cooking. But in this lockdown I started going into the kitchen. I have learned a lot. But I don't recognize the spice. Dad likes salt very much, so I know pepper well. ”
Incidentally, this film is based on the story of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena. She was also known as ‘Cargill Girl’. He got the cycle of heroism and bravery. Gunjan Saxena is the first Indian woman to go to the battlefield. Earlier, no Indian woman was allowed to go to the battlefield.

Gunjan was tasked with airlifting Indian troops stranded in remote areas of the Kargil battlefield to reach their camps. At the same time, it was his responsibility to convey that information to the Indian army by observing the movements of the enemy army. He was able to do his job successfully due to his heroism, courage and extraordinary training.
This achievement is the first of its kind as an Indian woman. So she was given the title of 'Cargill Girl'. 'Gunjan Saxena: The Cruel Girl' will be released on Netflix on August 12 on the occasion of Independence Day.