Do not forget about the terror of the virus Hydroxy Chloroquine, can be in danger


BanglaHunt Desk: Various countries around the world are preparing to fight the outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). At this time, the US president claimed that a coronary infected with the malaria drug Hydroxy Chloroquine was being healed to some extent. So he demanded the drug from India. In view of the words of the US President, India has also lifted the ban on the export of drugs and exported the drugs to various countries including the US.

Hydroxy chloroquine is a temporary antidote to the corona virus, which is currently spread to all countries. And the demand for these drugs is increasing rapidly. However, the WHO said at first that there was no cure for the coronary disease patient playing this drug. But later, when an American physician applied this drug to a coronary patient, it got its benefits. And since then the demand for these drugs has increased.

Hydroxy chloroquine is a malaria drug. The count says many people in India are infected with malaria every year. Therefore, in India, these drugs are produced in sufficient quantities. Therefore, the government of India increased the production of these drugs during this time of crisis. The company has been given a license to manufacture the drug. However, many people now want to buy this drug and get it stored in the house to get rid of the corona virus.

Regarding the hydroxy chloroquine drug, Dr. Jagtram, a famous doctor in Chandigarh said, “In some patients this drug is very effective. The patient temporarily feels somewhat healthy. However, the drug is not being given without the consent of patients and physicians. But let's say, this drug should not be consumed directly by any ordinary person. This medicine should be taken only if a doctor advises a person to take this medicine. It is not okay to eat without the advice of doctors. Because these drugs have many side effects. '

This drug should not be taken immediately without the doctor's advice. This hydroxy chloroquine drug has many side effects. The common people will face many physical ailments which, by playing the advice of the doctors. Taking these drugs can cause serious eye problems. Because of this, its use has a devastating effect on the retina. Again, people may also be at risk of developing heart and diarrhea to consume these drugs. So it is better for the common man not to go to a temporary illness later to get a temporary recovery. This should be done only if a doctor advises a person to take this medicine.

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