Do not forget all these things on Saturday, life will be dark forever in the wrath of God


BanglaHunt Desk: The god Shani (Shani dev) is the son of Dev Surya and Mata Chhaya. In this world, everyone manages Shani Dev. Everyone says that once Saturn's gaze falls on the car, it is not easy to get rid of it. How much do we do to please Saturn.

Everyone goes to the temple in the evening from fasting all day on Saturday and offers pujo for Shani Deva. Hindu women worship Saturn to wish for the well-being of the world and to maintain peace and happiness in the family. However, just as you have to follow different rules and regulations to please Saturn, there are some things that it is better not to do on Saturday.

Nunah No matter what day of the week you go to buy salt, it is better not to go to buy salt at least on Saturday.
Shoes or black clothes: There are many people who like the color black very much. But in that case, before you buy anything new in black, keep in mind that Saturday will never be good for you.

Almonds There is no need to buy nuts on Saturday. However, if you are at home, you can eat.

Wooden furniture You can buy wooden furniture any day of the week except Saturday. However, if it is not very necessary, it is better not to buy wooden items on Saturday.

Iron thing: On Saturdays try to stay away from buying iron things. If possible, it is better for you not to buy any kind of vehicle on Saturday.

Electrical Materials: It is better to avoid Saturday when buying electrical appliances.

Pepper: Never go shopping on a Saturday when the pepper is over. If necessary, eat without pepper.

Eggplant It is customary to burn eggplant on Saturdays and Tuesdays. But never buy eggplant on Saturday. If you want to eat, buy it beforehand.

Mustard oil If mustard oil is growing in the kitchen, boil it and eat it if necessary. Don't buy mustard oil on Saturday. Don't even buy mustard.

Umbrella Umbrellas should never be bought on Saturdays even if it is hot or rainy.

Black grain When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, never buy as many black grains as there are on Saturdays.