Do not give up to him! One month old baby returned home healthy

BanglaHunt Desk: This is like an epidemic. Corona's power is going on all over the world. Many people have died. Besides, the number of victims is also high. But a one-month-old baby is not immune to this deadly virus. But the child overcame this virus. Coronao lost to him. The child returned home healthy.

Age is only one month 6 But at such a young age, the child in Thailand was infected with the deadly virus corona The guardians almost gave up hope of his survival But the miracle really happened After losing Corona, Divya is now smiling Unbeknownst to him, he has set a record of 7

The Thai child who succeeded in defeating the corona virus as the youngest child in the world There are now more than 2.7 million cases of corona in the world The death toll also reached nearly two million The news of the victory of this little baby Corona in this situation is very happy Doctors said they used four antiviral drugs for the baby to get rid of the corona. That's what worked. The child was treated for 10 days