Do not make the enemy a friend: Vietnam sent aid to America

BanglaHunt Desk: Even though it was an enemy country at one time, today Vietnam has come to the side of America in this Corona (COVID-19) crisis. Pathal sent 4 lakh medical suites. Vietnam has come a long way in terms of humanity. Vietnam has extended a helping hand not only to Markey Muluk but also to several other countries in the world.

The enmity between the two countries is mentioned in the pages of history. Although it happened from 1955 to 1975, reading it today makes people tremble. How these two countries were destroyed. Vietnam, a country far less powerful than itself, set a wonderful example of how it continued its war against the United States. Vietnam, an enemy of the 20-year-old Vietnam War, sided with the United States in 2020.

Although the war is over, the world is now engaged in a secret war, the whole world is now fighting against the corona virus. The Chinese virus has spread like wildfire in a short period of time. Two lakh people have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. And about 3 million people have been affected. Currently, almost all the people in the world are under house arrest in lockdown for fear of this sensitive disease. Scientists are working day and night to find a cure for the virus. One country is helping the other as much as it can.

Super Power America is collapsing today due to this terrible deadly disease. The number of victims is approaching one million and more than 55,000 people have already lost their lives. This time, Vietnam sent about 4.5 million medical suites to strengthen the protection of doctors and health workers in this country. The one-time enemy country today stands by America like a friend in times of danger.

Vietnam is currently far ahead in dealing with the corona virus. Despite being a neighboring country to China, the number of victims there is 260. Of which 225 people have recovered. But so far not a single person has died there due to the corona virus. The Vietnamese government took drastic action in anticipation of the epidemic. That is why today they have come forward to help different countries. During the crisis, Vietnam sent not only the United States but also 5 other European countries with 5.5 million masks.