Do not risk infection again! Multiple swimming pools closed in China – gym

BanglaHunt Desk: China cornered by corona. There is a constant struggle to get out of the situation that has arisen. Yet there is no relief in the forehead of the red chin. Communist China has the potential to rekindle the terror of the whole world. When the whole world struggled to stop the corona, China slowly began to return to normal.

Step by step, shops, markets, parks, clubs and schools and colleges have been opened there to revive public life and the country's economy. Just then, there was a risk of a second-stage coronavirus infection in China. Due to which the capital city of Beijing has been closed again, swimming pool, gym etc. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made the decision to prevent new Corona attacks.

Not only that, about 1 million Chinese citizens have been placed under house arrest in China again. Those who have recently returned to the country from Russia due to the lockdown. Within a day of the return of all those citizens, seven people became infected with the new corona in China. The news came from a report in Shanghai on Saturday. And because of which hotels, restaurants, gyms, clubs are all closed in China.

Not only that, in order to prevent corona, a new order has been issued for 1 million Chinese nationals to stay in home quarantine in that country. Meanwhile, China has become increasingly cornered in the world politics and economy due to the corona. World leaders have blamed Red China for the Corona epidemic. In this case, is the laboratory in China's Wuhan Province the birthplace of Corona? America is looking for the answer to this question.