Do not target any community, area and health workers! Prime Minister Modi's appeal to the people


Bengali Hunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that corona is being targeted by identifying any particular community, area or health workers. There have been a number of recent incidents where people from certain communities and health workers have been accused of spreading corona.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the state chief ministers via video conference on Monday and took stock of the situation. This meeting was to take the plan for making the next strategy. In particular, the meeting was called to take a final decision on the lockdown in the whole country.

But in this meeting, the Prime Minister patiently looked at an important issue. Sampriti There were reports from several states that people were being targeted at a particular community. Doctors and health workers and nurses were also attacked.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was not right for that to happen. Health Ministry spokesman Lob Agarbal said Prime Minister Modi had said that a particular community and area should no longer be targeted.