Do not treat the patient in the hospital corpse! The BJP targeted the ruling party after the video went viral


Bengali Hunt Desk: The corona virus has caused outcry across the country. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases due to corona so far. A shocking video has surfaced in Mumbai amid the horrific situation of this deadly virus. This video is known as Sion Hospital in Mumbai. There were corpses among the corona patients in the ward. The video shows a patient lying in a hospital bed with a corpse lying in a black plastic bag.

In this viral video, it is seen that the corpse is covered with black plastic and a blanket is also given over it. These bodies are kept where the corona patients are being treated. It is heard that the body has been kept there due to lack of space in the morgue.

Let me tell you, to date, Maharashtra has the highest number of coronary heart disease cases in the entire country, and Mumbai has the highest number of cases. In Maharashtra, 16,000 cases have been reported so far and 751 people have died. In Mumbai alone, the number of victims has crossed 10,000.

After the video went viral, the state's opposition BJP attacked the emergent BJP government. BJP leader Nitish Rana tweeted, ‘There are dead bodies among the patients at Sion Hospital. What kind of administration is it? This is a shame. “