Do people want lockdowns? Need to know too: Amartya Sen


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona (COVID-19) is taking various steps to tackle the situation. During the lockdown rations are being arranged for the general public as well as various medical issues. Many people are off work during lockdown. A class of people has become useless. Especially the poor poor people of the country, who eat day by day, are in serious crisis right now. Their only question is how long will this lockdown situation last? When can we earn two bucks by going to work?

This poor section of the society stands beside the people from different leaders of the society. In this situation, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen said, 'During this lockdown, it is very important to listen to the common people. Now they should see what they want. Everyone knows the true face of society, but the way to deal with Corona will be much easier. There are some people who are fighting between themselves for the sake of the two. Therefore, keeping them in mind, first, all food grains stored in government warehouses, ie rice, pulses, wheat should be distributed among the common people. So that these unemployed people can survive the crisis and eat. '

Amartya Sen further said, 'There is no discrimination in the public. However, the poor people are the most affected by the problems of the country. But no exact cure has been found so far. That is why in this pandemic situation, people have to make noise for each other. Only then will the matter reach the poor people. “

Just as lockdown is necessary to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus, the emergency government must also listen to all these people in society. The lockdown will make people from a large part of the country unemployed, spend days in starvation, and the government will have to think that there may be food crisis in the country. That is why the government has to remedy this problem.

He also said, “Even in the midst of a crisis, the US government has announced a large financial package and has arranged for the lunch of the common man. The Indian government has to think about that too. About six tonnes of rice is now lying in the warehouse of the Government Food Corporation. At this time these food grains should be passed on to the common people. Especially the workers who are stuck in need of work in the state of Vin, the problem is now the worst. Food, clothing, shelter, everything is lacking for them now. So before making any decision, the government has to think about the people of all the classes who are starving, starving, in this moment of crisis.

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