Do you get your car serviced from local shops? Know these things otherwise you will be robbed


लोकल दुकानों से कराते हैं गाड़ी की सर्विस? जान लें ये बातें वरना लुट जाएंगे

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Car Servicing Tips: On buying a new car, the company gives you 2 or 3 services for free, but after that when the companies start taking a hefty charge from the customers, instead of taking the car to the company’s service center, people buy it from outside local shops. car It is considered appropriate to get the service done, because there is a difference of thousands in the charges at both the places.

But do you know that you are saving thousands by going to the local shop but are you really saving or looting your money? If you also get your car serviced from a local shop or mechanic, then today we are going to tell you some useful things that you should always keep in mind so that you do not face any kind of loss.

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engine oil

The most important thing that is done during car servicing is to change the engine oil in the car. But many times mechanics also change good oil to earn money, in this case your work starts here. You should see what is the color of the oil that has come out of your car? If the color of the oil has turned black, get it changed. Also, do check the quality of the oil that the mechanic is putting in your car.


If you take the car to the company’s service center, then the mechanics present there check every part of your car thoroughly and if any defect is found, they work to remove it. It is also very important to check the coolant during servicing, but local mechanics often forget to check it. In such a situation, even if you get the car serviced from a local mechanic, then definitely get the coolant filled.

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