Do you have to write outside the restaurant in Delhi, meat jhatka or halal?


Bangla Hunt Desk: This rule is going to be mandatory for restaurants in Delhi from now on. It will be compulsory to inform the customers whether the meat is halal or not outside the restaurant. The Standing Committee of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) has passed a resolution in this regard. The proposal will be sent to the House soon. A notification in this regard will be issued after it is passed in the House. Although this work will still take one to two months.

South MCD leader Narendra Chawla said many objected to halal and jhatka. Some people like jhatka and some people like halal. And they have the right to know whether what they are eating is halal or jhatka? The people of the Sikh community have been demanding this for a long time. There is a rule among them that halal meat cannot be eaten. None of this is controversial. It is a basic human right to know what they are eating. For now, this rule has been passed in the standing committee. Hopefully the notification will be issued after it is passed by the House.