Do you know how many things do not live on a daily basis?


Bengali Hunt Desk: The whole world has been virtually overwhelmed by the corona virus. The virus from China has now spread to every part of the world. Around the world, many people have died due to the corona virus. The deadly virus has spread to India as well as other countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to lock down across India for 28 days to prevent coronary infection. Find out how long the coronavirus survives on some things in the house.

Plastic stuff: Coronavirus can survive the longest on a type of plastic called polypropylene. Children's toys, pencil boxes, tiffin boxes, etc. are made with this kind of plastic.

Glass: Corona virus can survive for at least four days, even on glassware.

Wood: Corona virus can survive for up to four days on wood products. Therefore, in the opinion of the experts, do not touch the nose or mouth after washing hands on a wooden object and wash your hands with a good sanitizer.

Stainless Steel: Corona virus survives for up to 8 hours on stainless steel. If any coronary sufferer sneezes, cough virus can survive for up to two days if it falls on stainless steel.

Cloth: Coronavirus can survive a long time on soft things like cloth. If you have a corona virus in your clothing and you do not read the cloth for a few days, then you are not likely to get the virus.

Copper: Corona virus can survive for up to 8 hours on copper made objects. After touching all these things at home, you must wash your hands thoroughly with handwashes or sanitizers mixed with alcohol only to avoid this infection.

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