Do you know- the son was beheaded by the father! Find out the story behind the beheading of Lord Ganesha


BanglaHunt Desk: Although Ganesha is the son of Mahadev Shiva and Mata Parvati, there is a beautiful story about his birth. At one time Mahadev Shiva was not present in Kailash. In the absence of Mahadev, Mother Parvati made a statue of a boy and established her life in it. Mother Parvati also blessed her child to be absolutely strong and intelligent with love.

According to the Puranas, when Mahadev Shiva finished his work and returned to Kailash, he saw a little boy as the gatekeeper there. Little Ganesha, not recognizing Mahadev, obeyed Mother Parvati's instructions and prevented Mahadev from entering the cave like others. But Mahadev was insulted and angry with little Ganesha for forbidding him to enter the cave.

Then the boy Ganesha had a violent clash with Mahadev Shiva. In this battle, all the gods came to help Mahadev and were defeated by Ganesha one by one. Eventually, out of anger, Mahadev Shiva beheaded his son.

Upon receiving the news, Mata Parvati reached the spot immediately. After telling Mahadev everything about the boy, she broke down in tears. Mother Parvati pleaded to return the dead Ganesha to him. Finally, to save Parvati's mind, Mahadev put an elephant's head on little Ganesha's head and gave him back his life.

It is said that in this way, from the time of his birth to the time of his war with his father, Ganesha's head was changed, and with everything, Mahadev ordered to worship Ganesha before all the gods. He said, Kumar Ganesha will be the Ganadhipati and if he does not worship Ganesha before all deeds, no work of this world will be perfect.