Does humans really die immediately by licking a diamond? Know how much truth is there in this


क्या सच में हीरा चाटने से तुरंत हो जाती है इंसानों की मौत? जानें इस बात में कितनी है सच्चाई

You must have read or heard this thing sometime in your childhood. Where our friends used to say that a person dies after licking a diamond? If you also want to know this, then this article of ours is for you.

Can death happen after licking a diamond?

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Of all the metals on this earth, diamond is the most precious among them. It is used for making jewelry and cutting glass and it is the hardest substance present on earth which is a solid form of carbon. But you must have heard the thing related to this gem in childhood that if a person licks a diamond, then he dies soon? In childhood, even though we used to accept these things as true, but today with the help of this article, we know how much truth is there in this?

After reading this, you must have remembered those golden days when we used to talk like this between friends. But there is so much truth in these things heard somewhere. Let’s know…

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How much truth is there in this matter?

We all know that diamond is a very pure and hard form of carbon and it is not poisonous at all. Which means no one can die after licking it and if you have a diamond then you can also see it. This means it is just a myth or hearsay! There is no such poisonous substance in this shining gem. Due to which someone dies!

However, there is every possibility that if you swallow this harsh substance then it can definitely put your life in danger. Apart from this, it is completely impossible to eat this substance by chewing it with the teeth. If you want to crush it, then you have to break it first with some powerful thing and then it can be crushed.

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