Does peahen become pregnant by drinking tears? Know how much truth is there in this


क्या आंसू पीने से मोरनी गर्भवती हो जाती है? जानिए कितनी है इसमे सच्चाई

Peacock becomes pregnant by drinking tears

Often we have heard many things which are completely myth. Which, believe me, has nothing to do with the truth. They are said just in fun, but when their truth comes in front of us, we are completely sure. Is it something like this… Where always the same thing is said that the peacock becomes pregnant by drinking tears, not by reproduction? Does peahen really become pregnant by drinking peacock’s tears? After reading so much, you will also get confused that what is the truth?

If you search about this topic on Google or other search engines, you will find that there is not even an iota of truth in this matter. Science advises not to believe any such theory and it is the rule of this world that two are needed for the birth of a third.

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Then how does peahen get pregnant

Let us tell you that peacocks and peahens also give birth to children in the same way as other animals and birds do. That’s why the talk of peahen getting pregnant after drinking peacock’s tears is baseless. The method of reproduction of peacock and peahen is also like that of other birds. During this, the male transfers his sperm into the female’s body.

Significantly, to fascinate the peahen, a peacock tries to attract its attention with its colorful feathers, only after it gets the consent of the peahen, then both of them make a relationship.

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