Does someone really die in the house if the glass breaks? know the truth


क्या सच में कांच टूट जाए तो घर में हो जाती है किसी की मौत? जान लीजिए सच्चाई

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Broken Glass Myth: There are many such stories in India, which are completely Superstition But these superstitions have remained in the minds of the people in such a way that people believe them to be true. In such a situation, even if you try to explain to them, they will hardly understand your words. It is possible that they may also get agitated by your words. You must have seen that many people hang lemon and chillies outside the houses or shops and they tell the reason behind doing so that it evil spirits And bad omens go away. One such thing related to glass is very prevalent in the country, especially in the villages. People consider breaking of glass inside the house as a bad omen.

Some people believe that if the glass breaks inside the house then death of someone or the other in the house is certain. People say that the mirror has the power to imprison one’s soul and that is the reason why people believe that if the mirror is broken, it means that our soul is separated from our body.

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Perhaps the elders present in your house must be saying that breaking of glass is a bad omen. That’s why women keep glass things very carefully and don’t let children touch them, but have you ever thought how much truth is there in this?

Is breaking glass really bad luck?

it’s not like that at all. It is just a myth that someone in the house dies if the glass breaks. Perhaps this thing would have been said about children earlier because they should not be harmed by broken glass, so they should stay away from glass things. However, with time it turned into a superstition and this trend continues till date.

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