Does taking a false oath really kill that person? Know the truth behind this


झूठी कसम खाने से सच में उस व्यक्ति की जान चली जाती है? जानिए इसके पीछे की सच्चाई

Does swearing really kill a man Image credit source: Pixabay

In childhood, you must have heard and read many things like this, but there are many things which are true. There are some things which are not trusted but have to be accepted. Apart from this, many things happen like this. Those who believe from childhood that they are true, but later some other truth about them comes to the fore. One such thing is about swearing… In childhood, we used to swear to make our words convincing, and then the person in front used to accept our words as truth without checking them thoroughly.

Many people used to swear in fun, whereas many people used to take it very seriously because people thought that if we took a false oath, that person would die. But let’s know how much truth is there in this matter.

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What is the truth behind this?

If you too have been believing this to be true till now, then you were completely wrong, because by swearing no death is known, but the person in front would definitely be known. This is just a way by which the person in front used to trust us immediately.

If seen in the true sense, these oaths are taken only by liars to add spice so that the emotional person believes their words. People often resort to swearing to make their lies true. After swearing, the matter of death might have arisen because it would have instilled fear in the minds of the children that they should never lie and if they do then accept it and not take false oaths.

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