Does your own tongue become crooked by showing your tongue? Know what is its truth


जीभ दिखाने से अपनी ही जीभ टेढ़ी हो जाती है? जानिए क्या है इसका सच

Tongue MythImage credit source: Pixabay

Many things were said in childhood to make all of us a good human being. Whom we have spent our entire childhood believing to be true. But when we grew up, there were some things in them which were only myths which had nothing to do with the truth, but it does not mean that our parents or elders did wrong with us by not telling us these things as truth. Did. Rather, his aim was only that we should become a good human being. There was one such thing which we all had accepted as absolutely true.

Actually, you must have often heard one thing in which it has been said that if we show our tongue to someone, then our tongue will become crooked forever. You may find it strange to hear, but we spent our whole childhood believing this to be true and started looking for other ways to tease our friends. But when I grew up, I came to understand that nothing like this happens. These things were said only so that we don’t irritate anyone by sticking out our tongue because the person in front may feel bad because of it.

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You are welcome in this country by sticking out your tongue

By the way, for your information, let us tell you that even though it is called tongue teasing in our India, but in the neighboring country of Tibet, people stick out their tongue after seeing the guests coming home. Here it is a tradition of greeting. Whenever someone meets here, people greet each other to welcome him, then they welcome him by showing their tongue.

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