Dog Singing Video! This dog sings a song, if you don’t believe then watch the video


Dog Singing Video! ये कुत्ता तो गाना गाता है, यकीन ना हो तो देख लें वीडियो

Have you ever seen a dog singing?Image Credit source: Instagram/@earth.reel

Dog Viral Video: Of course dogs are man’s best friend. This animal is not only loyal, but also a companion of your happiness and sorrow. It would not be wrong to say that dogs love their owner more than themselves. That’s why seeing the owner in danger, the dogs even put their lives on the line. At the moment, one of the jugalbandi of the dog and the owner Video has come to the fore. In this you can see the dog matching the tune with the owner.

You must have seen many videos ranging from the loyalty of dogs to their jumping and amazing stunts, but have you ever seen a dog singing? Something similar is being seen in the viral clip. In this, a man is seen rapping in front of his dog. But before that he does something that makes his dog growl. Then this person puts his hand on the dog’s mouth and changes the sound of his growling as if the dog is also rapping with him.

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Watch the video of the singing dog here!

However, some people are furious after seeing this video. Many people believe that the person tortured the dog by pressing its mouth. He has not found the video funny from any angle. At the same time, most of the users have registered their response by applying funny emoji.

The video of the singing dog has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named earth.reel. There are hundreds of likes on the video uploaded a day ago. There, many have commented. One user has written, I think there is a close friendship between the dog and the boy. On the other hand, the other says, had he been saved, the boy would have lost all his arrogance. Another user has written, I have found this video funny from any angle.

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