Dog takes Lord out of police station, flood of praise in tumultuous viral video on social media

viral video: We know many incidents of dog's devotion to the Lord, but the recent video of the Lord being taken out of the police station has gone viral. Netizens are reminded of the fact that when the police arrested Prabhu, he was taken away by a lone pet dog.

The 1 minute 26 second video that went viral shows a dog entering the police station from the road in the dark of night. At first he was a little shocked to see the policemen standing at the gate. Realizing the opportunity, he entered the police station. The camera is inserted behind the dog.

Inside the police station, a man was seen being handcuffed and interrogated by the police. The policeman was not satisfied with the answer of the person wearing clear handcuffs. In this situation, the dog entered the police station. He wagged his tail around the Lord. The owner caressed him while he was handcuffed.

It is learned that the person violated the restrictions imposed due to Corona. That is why he was arrested. But this devotion to the pet melts the mind of the police. They acquitted the accused. The dog left the police station dancing with the owner. The incident went viral after it was posted on social media. There is a flood of like comments