Dolphins laugh at the fame of father and daughter, viral video

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day? Many of those videos are about animals and birds In the viral video, many animals can be seen doing various feats. But this time the video that went viral is a little different. So far, animals have entertained people in various videos. This time people entertained the dolphins. The father and daughter laughed when they saw the trunk.

Of all the animals found on earth, dolphins have always been associated with humans. Dolphins never attack humans but in several stories dolphins are heard to have saved humans. The father came with his daughter to see this sweet sea mammal in the aquarium.

As seen in the viral video, a dolphin appears at the other end of the glass wall at the other end of the aquarium. The father and his little daughter are watching with great attention. Suddenly the father picked up his daughter in his arms. Then it swings in the air in the posture of swimming. The dolphin probably laughed when he realized that the girl was swimming in the air, not in the water. Every time a father takes his daughter to the dolphin in the same way, the dolphin laughs and giggles.

This 34 second video of father and daughter has been posted on social media from a page called 'Nature is Lit'. Everyone in the net is enjoying this sweet video. This video has already been watched by 7.3 thousand netizens. Take a look

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