Donald Trump is very worried about his own hair, he wants to change the American law

BanglaHunt Desk: When hair is beauty, Donald Trump has now registered his name in that list. People who do not like their own hair are rare. Men and women alike are immersed in the care of their hair. But this time US President Donald Trump is in great trouble with his own hair.

Trump's hair is disheveled

Donald Trump is very careful with his hair. He always likes to keep it clean and tidy. Most of the time she is seen in various fancy hairstyles. But now his main problem is that he is not able to wash his hair with enough water.

Want more water

Under U.S. law, it is not advisable to waste too much water on bathing. Under U.S. law of 1992, no more than 9 liters of water per minute from the shower can be used for bathing. But using this amount of water, the US administration is not able to take care of Trump's hair. So he wants more water from now on.

The old law must be changed

He demanded extra water at a meeting at the White House last month to demand more water for his own needs. He said his hair was not being washed in that amount of water. So from now on it is time to change the whole law. But American environmentalists and volunteers are reluctant to accept Trump's decision. They say Trump will have to fight in court to change the law.