Donating 'Unforgivable' by a loud voice, Akshay, nicknamed Akshay Hostile,


BanglaHunt Desk: It is very 'inaudible' to donate and spread it out loud. Donating by publicity does not make sense. Such is the talk of the year actor Shatrughan Sinha. Akshay Kumar, who did not name him, also took a look at Akshay Kumar. According to him, giving a donation of Tk 20 crore would hurt self-confidence.
In an interview recently, Corona expressed her views on the stars coming forward. In his words, “If you donate and preach it, that is very unfortunate. It is very sad to hear that someone has donated Tk 20 million, and it also hurts their confidence. ”
He further said, “In this case, a person is judged by the amount of money he makes.” A few days ago, Akshay Kumar donated Tk 20 crore to the Prime Minister's PM Care Fund. Many people think that the enraged Sinha made a mockery of him by his name. However, Akshay has not opened his mouth yet.

Conversely, China, then, has spread its dominance over Italy, Iran, Spain, and the United States. There is now a procession of death. People are trapped in the middle of the room. India has not been eliminated. Coroner's paw has also been set up in this country to see. The number of victims has crossed ten thousand. After the first round of lockdown, the lockdown period has been extended till May 3rd. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed.
Doctors say the next two weeks are very important. In this case, everyone is under house arrest. But for the moment, the worst crisis is the daily wage workers. Located in the lockdown, the two kittens couldn't figure out where to feed.
Many stars including Salman, Shah Rukh, Hrithik have come forward in this situation. Some have donated to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund and some have directly extended their support to poor people.

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