Don’t be misled… Myths related to Rolls Royce, are there facts related to Ferrari?


गुमराह ना हों... Rolls Royce से जुड़े मिथक, कहीं Ferrari से जुड़े फैक्ट्स तो नहीं?

When it comes to luxury or supercars, the first names that come to our mind are cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Many myths related to these cars are also prevalent, so let us tell you about some such stories…

Ferrari is bought not by money but by loyalty

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When the Ferrari crosses the road, it is known from a long distance that a supercar is coming. Such is the magic of the sound of its engine. On the other hand, talking about Ferrari’s look and tashan, she repeatedly tells people to see herself like Shahrukh ‘palat… palat… palat’, after all people are like this when they see it. Rolls-Royce has a similar charisma in luxury cars. It is said that only money is not enough to buy these two cars… let’s know the myths and truths related to them.

Before that, let us tell you an anecdote of Rolls Royce. Maharaja Jai ​​Singh Prabhakar of Alwar once went to the showroom of Rolls Royce in London. Expressed his desire to buy the car, but seeing his outfit, the salesman of the showroom refused him. Later, he got 7 Rolls Royce cars brought to India and gave them to the municipality in Alwar to carry garbage. When this news reached the company, it apologized for the behavior of its employee.

Ferrari is bought not by money but by loyalty

Ferrari is that car, which no human can buy with money. Because of this, customers do not choose Ferrari, rather Ferrari chooses its customers. It is said that the customers who want to buy Ferrari have to wait for a long time, there is a waiting list for Ferrari. The company maintains a lot of control over the supply of Ferraris, so people have to register their names on a waiting list. Therefore, the more loyal one is to the Ferrari brand, the better are his chances of clearing the waiting list.

Don't be misled... Myths related to Rolls Royce, are there facts related to Ferrari?

The Ferrari Owners Club currently has only 13,000 members. (Photo: Official Site)

Whenever you go to buy a Ferrari, you have to enter into a contract with the company’s dealership. It is said that the company itself wants that only a few people have Ferrari cars. According to the company’s website, it has created a club for Ferrari owners from around the world. So far only 13,000 people are members of this club.

In the contract to buy a Ferrari, many terms and conditions are written in small letters at the bottom. It is said about them that these are the rules related to buying a car that make Ferrari the leader of the supercar market. Like after buying a Ferrari, you cannot sell it within a year. To buy a limited edition Ferrari, you must already have a Ferrari car. On the other hand, you cannot get any modifications done on a Ferrari, especially something that hides its brand identity.

What are the myths related to Rolls Royce

Similar myths are often created about Rolls Royce as well. As the company checks the background of its customers, cannot get the servicing done from outside and cannot get the color of your choice done from outside. But in reality there is nothing like this. The company does not do background check for its customers, you have money you can buy a car.

Don't be misled... Myths related to Rolls Royce, are there facts related to Ferrari?

Rolls Royce is one of the most luxury cars in the world. (Photo: Official Site)

In Rolls Royce, there is no need to get the color done from outside because the company offers customization option out of 44,000 colours. At the same time, outside mechanics are not available for the maintenance of Rolls-Royce and the company provides door-step servicing facility to its customers, so also the customers of Rolls-Royce do not have to depend for servicing outside.

Ferrari and Lamborghini feud

Lamborghini is a car that competes with Ferrari in terms of speed and style. There is a legend related to this that Ferruccio Lamborghini, the owner of the tractor company, had a complaint with his Ferrari car, because its clutch used to break easily. Ferrari’s founder Enzo Ferrari was also from Italy, so he complained about this in a meeting.

Don't be misled... Myths related to Rolls Royce, are there facts related to Ferrari?

The feud between Lamborghini and Ferrari is very old. (Photo: Official Site)

Enzo Ferrari told Lamborghini in response to this ‘Let me make cars, you keep making tractors’. Ferruccio felt bad about this and said that he would show it by making a better sports car than a Ferrari. This is how Lamborghini started making cars. Even today the stories of the failure of these two companies are famous. It is said that if you are a Lamborghini owner, Ferrari may refuse to sell you its limited edition car.

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