“Don’t give India wisdom, they stood by everyone during the crisis,” Macron said.

BanglaHunt Desk: India was hit by the second wave of corona. The crowd is growing from the hospital to the crematorium. There is also a shortage of oxygen in the country. Meanwhile, various countries are extending a helping hand to India. Medical equipment including oxygen generators, ventilators are coming to India. Meanwhile, the Modi government at the center is being criticized at home and abroad. This time, French President Emmanuel Macron stood by the Indian and Modi governments and silenced the critics.

Speaking at the European Union-India Virtual Conference, French President Emmanuel Macron said, “Don’t give India wisdom. They vaccinated many bodies around the world during the crisis. We know very well that India is facing a difficult situation now. ”

Corona vaccine was discovered in India within the first wave of corona. Vaccination campaigns were going on all over the country. And even in that situation, India stood by the corona-affected countries of the world and exported their vaccines. India became an angel in the moment of crisis by vaccinating several countries of the world including Arab, Bangladesh, Brazil. However, there is currently a famine in India. And the Modi government at the center has had to face criticism at home and abroad.

According to the Union Ministry of Health, 18.49 crore doses of coronavirus have been sent to the states and union territories so far. Of this, 166 million doses have been used. At present, the states and union territories have more than 6.4 million vaccines in stock. However, this vaccine is not enough. In the next three days, another 53 lakh doses will be sent to the states and union territories, the central government said.